We offer various round trips for photographers, groups and self-drivers. Alternatively, you can use these routes as a template to create your own tailor-made safari. We can assist you in choosing the itinerary that suits your individual interests and tastes.

Self-Drive Safaris

On a self-drive tour with Safari 24 you will discover your dream destinations in southwestern Africa independently and individually with a rental car. Passenger car and all-wheel-drive vehicles are bookable. Reserved accommodation in lodges and hotels await you as overnight accommodations.

On request, a guided self-drive tour or a so-called tag-along-safari is also possible, whereby the journey is carried out in a convoy of vehicles led by a guide vehicle.

The prerequisite for booking a self-drive safari is a minimum age of 23, possession of an international driving licence and the ability to drive a vehicle for up to eight hours a day. In Namibia left-hand traffic applies.

Individual Safari

Discover your dream destinations in the tourist-untapped landscapes of south-western Africa on an individual or private trip with Safari24!

You tell us your ideas - we plan a personal safari through the desert and grasslands of Namibia or to the evergreen marshlands of Botswana, tailored to your interests. You travel with an off-road vehicle and by plane. We offer the best possible comfort and catering to meet the highest culinary standards.

Exclusive accommodation in lodges and hotels in remote areas awaits your visit. At the end of the day you will stop at a lodge, where you will have dinner in a refined atmosphere, retreat to your room for the night and have a rich breakfast the next morning before you leave.

When choosing the accommodation we pay attention to individuality, quality and especially to the price-performance ratio, whereby on the one hand only the most beautiful lodges, guest farms and hotels qualify as an option for our guests and on the other hand the personal care of the guests must be in the foreground.

A safari with camping overnight stays is also possible on request, whereby a mobile tent camp is set up in uninhabited no man's land. There is also the possibility of a safari with lodge and tent overnight stays.

Group Safari

On Safari 24 group safaris you will experience the highlights of the national parks and game reserves of Namibia and Botswana. In small groups of maximum seven people, there is a window seat available for each participant in specially equipped off-road vehicles.

A group safari is also suitable for families. On our family safaris, we take into account the needs of children and adolescents and include them in activities such as firewood hunting, campfire lighting and food preparation so that parents can relax and enjoy their holiday.

Guestfarms with a family atmosphere and personal touch, or luxurious lodges as overnight accommodations are awaiting your visit. As a rule, a swimming pool or water reservoir invites not only children to a refreshing swim at the end of a day's journey.

Photo Safari

With photo safaris, Safari 24 offers professional and recreational photographers the opportunity to capture the complete landscape spectrum of southwestern Africa as well as animal scenes under optimal conditions.

You will receive a basic preliminary consultation at which time of the year and day you can best photograph your desired subjects. With us, you receive a window seat and can, for a small surcharge, obtain a second window seat to be able to flexibly turn to a good scene from both sides of the vehicle. Together with you, we will take the time to make a unique animal observation and animal photography possible.

On a photo safari you are on the road with people of the same interest. We keep the number of participants on photo safaris low and punctually transport you to the desired locations so that you can capture them under ideal lighting conditions, whereby we gladly consider your own conceptions and special desires. You will be looked after by a qualified, professionally experienced tour guide who has comprehensive knowledge of African flora and fauna. To recharge, 220V chargers are available for batteries.

Safari 24 is the only German-speaking safari provider that covers the complete landscape spectrum of southwestern Africa: from the Atlantic coast, across the Namib desert, the desert fringe, grasslands, savannah and open bush landscapes to the dry lakes and marshes of Botswana.

A photo safari with Safari24 is also suitable for prospective students to prepare a portfolio.

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Exploration Safari Through the Kalahari

Duration: 19 Days

Travel Style : Combination Travel

Travel : Namibia, Botswana, South Africa

Card image cap
Nature Reserves at the Caprivi Strip - Namibia with Botswana and Zimbabwe

Duration: 14 Days

Travel style : Comfort Safari

Travel : Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe

Card image cap
Namib Desert, Damaraland and Etosha National Park

Duration: 17 Days

Travel style : Comfort Safari

Travel : Namibia

Card image cap
Expedition to Damaraland and Kaokoveld

Duration: 15 Days

Travel style : Comfort Travel

Travel : Namibia

Card image cap
Wildlife Viewing in Northern Botswana

Duration: 16 Days

Travel style : Combination Safari

Travel : Botswana, Zimbabwe

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Safari to the Desert Elephants at the Dry Rivers

Duration: 17 Days

Travel style : Combination Safari

Travel : Namibia

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